Michelle Rae on TV

  The evening of March 2, 2009, the studio at CATV in Nashville, TN, suddenly came alive with quite possible the best musical television show to hit the Nashville airwaves in a long time; the show Michelle Raes Music Music Music. Ever since Floor Director Brian Bailey shouted the ever popular phrase, Quiet on the set and the cameras began rolling, Michelle Rae has received nothing but rave reviews from the local critics. Each week more and more viewers are tuning in to the 30 minute chart climbing musical show to see what the talk is about. Music Music Music is unique setting itself apart from others because it features not just one type of music but will indeed feature all genres. Creator, producer, and host Michelle Rae wanted something different; a way to honor all types of music and the legends behind the music. With each show you will enjoy Lead Vocalist Michelle Rae and her very versatile house band playing anything from Country, Jazz, Gospel , Rhythm and Blues and even a little Southern Rock. Each episode will be pack full of entertaining non -stop foot tapping music fun that will leave you wanting more. On the serious side, each show will promote public awareness by spotlighting either Cancer or Domestic Abuse. Michelle will provide important statistics and contact information for each organization. Michelle Raes Music Music Music airs four times a week Monday thru Friday on CATV Channel 19 in Nashville , TN, check out the air times on Michelles my space page. If you live outside of the viewing area, visit www.myspace.com/MichelleRae1.com from anywhere in the world to watch the most current shows 24 hours a day.
Special Thanks to the entire TV Crew, Underwriter Costco, Thompsonmusicrental.com & everyone else that made this show possible.
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On the set at CATV Nashville TN


Cast and Crew: Mike Furkins, Jim Eagle, Jack Lawless, Gary Scott, Brian Bailey, Slugger, Shirley Hall, Nate Jones, Ralph Muir and Michelle Rae