Definite Maybe

Like You Really Care – Lou’siana Night – In the Beat of the Night –

All Heaven Broke Loose – Definite Maybe – It’s A Wonder


Look out Wynnona Judd you have a hot singer on your tail.  This

Little lady from Virginia is right on top of road-house country.


Not particularly the kind of music I personally like, but when it comes to

‘well done’ this is it.  You have to like drums, honky-tonk kind of road-house

music, and if you do, Michelle is definitely for you.  A little bit Cajun, a little

bit rock, a little bit country, a little bit honky-tonk.  That’s quite a bit to wrap

up in one line singer.  Michelle is also a very very busy gal, with Karaoke

Shows, vocalist, entertainer, private parties, DJ services, singing telegrams,

Special occasions, a host of a weekly radio show, and books festivals in

The Virginia area.  Whew! That’s a load.  Good music, good stuff.  Being

Promoted by Howard Vokes one of the finest country promoters in the

East.  Hang in there Michelle, you’re doing fine, even from this traditional

Country reviewer.


Iowa Editor Bob Everhart of Tradition Magazine

Single hit Definite Maybe charted 2 weeks after the release of the CD

Across the United States and overseas.