Michelle Rae Onstage

The Rae of Sunshine Band

Michelle and the Rae of Sunshine Band

Singing Valentine Love Songs to the Veterans of McGuire VA Medical Center Richmond, VA

Catch Michelle every year at the Field Days of the Past in Richmond, VA

The Irish Picnic in McEwen, TN 2005

Thousands gather to attend the great musical entertainment and barbeque

Michelle spots the camera crew while onstage with Johnny Daniels

Nashville TN 2006

Michelle with Donald Perdue of Bustin Loose



Megan joins Mom onstage

Michelle Rae in concert

McGuire VA Medical Center, Richmond VA 2005

Jammin with Johnny and Friends at the Annual Fiddlers Contest in Tennesee

The Annual Event benefits the local Catholic Schools in McEwen, Tennessee

Michelle takes the stage with the Passing Lane Blue Grass Band

Michelle finds herself a dance partner in the crowd

Nashville, TN